Duckling vase

A loud and yellow vase with curious optics that remind of a hungry duckling. The neck is narrow and suits a small bunch of flowers or just a single flower. Glazed in yellow from the inside and halfway on the outside. Rest is left naked to honour the clay.
Made by hand in a single piece.

Colour: yellow and clay

Size: H 22,5cm W 11,5cm

Shipment: Shipping costs will be calculated in the purchase phase. We are the spokespeople of a community of artisans, for this reason, each item is shipped directly from the person who produced it.
Delivery times will respect the rhythm of those who have worked on this project with care.
For beautiful things you have to know how to wait. 

55 euro

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Scopri chi ha prodotto questo oggetto

Caroline Betram is the founder of Coucou, a project of ceramic objects and handmade sculptures.
coucou means a lot of things – a greeting, an invitation, a peekaboo, a celebration of an oddity.
Inspired by organic forms and modernist design, the pieces invoke fun and wonder.

Each piece is individually moulded in the spirit of traditional techniques and expresses the intersection of naked stoneware, earthy materials
and contrasting playful elements.

Caroline Betram lives in Berlin where she works and contributes to the beauty of the world.