In Ascolto pendant

This pendant is made of satin-finished rose bronze using the casting technique.
The pendant is worked with an engraving on both sides and the clasp consists of two small garnets on the back.
This is an item designed for everyday wear and suitable for any occasion.

Length: 46 cm

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100,00  Euro

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Find out who made this item

Sonia Zahirpour is a creative artist of Italian-Iranian origin and the founder of Divy.
She encountered the world of contemporary jewellery in 2001, starting out as a self-taught artist and then gradually enriching her work by studying different techniques directly at the bench, from master goldsmiths, participating in workshops and intensive seminars, starting from the Scuola di Nuova Oreficeria Uroburo in Milan.
His works have been exhibited in various institutional settings, including the Bookshop of the Fondazione Stelline in Milan and the Fondazione Agnelli in Turin.

“Creating a bridge between art and life, and between this visible form and formless energy: the beauty of Divy’s contemporary jewellery lies in the inner journey, in deep connection with the energy of the Earth, its elements, its ancestral memory. Her jewellery is the memory of a symbol, left deliberately and apparently unfinished and finished, a recognisable imprint of the primordial vital force that runs through life and makes it vibrate, always.”
cit. Alessandra KLIMCIUK, curator