Legame – small crochet jewelry box

Centrino is a pocket emptier with crochet embroidery embossed on its surface.
It is decorated with a crystalline glaze that polishes the ceramic earth, leaving the unique texture in slight relief. Each piece is unique, made entirely by hand, so the shape may vary slightly as well as the movement of the embroidery pattern on the top.

Legame is a series of creations inspired by my grandmother, her embroidery and the memories I have of her. A continuous rediscovery of the suggestions that unconsciously influenced me in my childhood. It is a very versatile object, it can be used as a jewelry holder or pocket emptier, perfect to be placed at the entrance of the house, hand washing is recommended.

Dimensions: 9x16x3cm

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Materia is an handmade ceramics project founded by Chiara Cioffi, an interior designer based in Milan but originally from Irpinia.

After various working experiences in the fashion industry, Chiara began to focus her attention on the creative search for organic and primitive forms that recall her roots and childhood memories.
A path that makes her rediscover the value of craftsmanship, the slowness of rural life, the respect for nature and its resources. Thus, from the exploration of these values, Materia was born.
From her work emerges a contemporary approach to ceramics, but one that is strongly contaminated by the traditions of Campania craftsmanship, such as crochet or lace, which come from her family roots.