Amsterdam Promenade vase

Handmade using the potter’s wheel technique, from Italian red clay, fired at a temperature of about 1000° and glazed with lead crystal in a second firing.

This object can be filled with water for the flowers, but cannot be washed in a dishwasher or heated in a microwave.

Materials: terracotta, engobe and polished crystalline.
Dimensions: diameter 8.5 cm | height 11 cm

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Moi Ceramics is a small ceramics project founded by Alessia Arrighetti and born after an inspiring trip to Copenhagen, where she was able to appreciate and learn about the slow Nordic lifestyle.

Moi Ceramics’ main source of inspiration is the soothing colours of the earth and the organic shapes of nature, which we find in all her ceramics.

Alessia creates unique pieces using the lathe technique and finally hand-painted, to celebrate the simplicity of Italian terracotta and the slow lifestyle that inspired her.