Rhizome 01 – Eau de Parfum

01 is a fresh and gentle unisex eau de parfum.
The formulation was born from two key inspirations: the clear notes of incense and patchouli, mixed with eastern elements of cumin and nutmeg.

100 ML 3,4 FL. OZ

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96,00  Euro

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Rhizome is a project founded in 2019 by the three creatives Stefano Aschieri, Andrea Aschieri and Dario Pozzi.

The spirit of this project is to move away from the overpopulated niche perfumery market, which seems to want to distance itself from the wider public with high prices, impersonal images and a fake sense of luxury.
Rhizome instead wants to retouch a fresh approach, focused on the real needs of the client, on simplicity and quality, creating a valuable experience and making great fragrances accessible.

Guided by the thought that higher prices do not always mean better quality, this project aims to guide the public towards a conscious choice and for this reason, it lets the qualities of fragrances speak for themselves, so that they are no longer just a perfume, but become a real experience and an indelible memory, an aroma that can mark the memory of a moment out of time.