Seme with green glaze

Artistic ceramic made and decorated by hand, inspired by a seed or plant element that has an outer shell and life contained within.

Made of stoneware, bare on the outside and glazed on the inside with a green glaze. The outer surface is slightly grooved and rough, while the waterproofed interior is smooth and shiny. It can hold water and cut flowers. The ceramic piece finished with protective wax on the outer surface.

Height approx. 18 cm, width approx. 30 cm.

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Elena Milani is an artisan ceramist who, since 2018, has been designing and creating artistic ceramics for the garden, the vegetable garden and the terrace.

In her workshop in Valchiavenna she is inspired by the organic forms of nature, giving life to creations divided into series and composed of different ceramic pieces, each made in a limited edition and therefore unique. Elena also holds courses and workshops in artistic ceramics in her atelier and in museums and accommodation facilities.

She participates annually in Italian craft and nursery fairs and collaborates with the specialist magazine ‘Gardenia’.