Shot glasses

Blue and white shots from the Oceano collection.
Turned and sculpted by hand from hard red earthenware and engobed with white engobe. Excellent for serving coffee after a hearty meal or as small glasses to show off during mini-drinks on evenings out. The friction due to the texture makes them comfortable to hold, they are very light and easily find space in the cupboard. The enamels are non-toxic, fired at a low temperature of 980C° and are suitable for food use.
It is possible to wash it in the dishwasher but with careful attention that the pieces do not touch each other.

Measurements: H 5 cm, W 4 cm

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Giulia Bonora is the designer and founding artist of Keramô, a brand of handmade functional ceramics.
Keramo is focused on everyday objects, whose concept is inspired by nature and in particular by the texture of magmatic rocks, reinterpreted through the use of colours. This collection is linked to a more spiritual aspect of ceramics, in its relationship with the four elements: earth, the material with which it is moulded, air, which allows it to be dried, water, an essential ingredient for clay as it allows it to be ductile and workable, and finally fire, which transforms and cooks it.
The idea is to make people remember their origin, nature in its primordial and essential form that comes to life.