Small cup little feet pink

This small cup is a tribute to the beauty of fluidity, expansion and dilatation which is transformed into a constant search for balance between psychedelic colours and ceramic textures.

Made of white clay and glazed with apiombic crystalline glass in second firing, it can also be used for food use.
Worked from a mould and finalized freehand. Material colouring and abstract design make the piece unique and unrepeatable.
Developed and conceived in Milan during the lockdown, the “the quarantine” series is characterised by a search for unusual textures and colours.

Colour: pink grey mashup

Size: H 7cm , Ø 7,5cm

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Born in 1991 Niccolò Rossi is an Italian artist and designer. After his studies between Milan, Porto and Bilbao, his work is now focused on the use and study of ceramic objects for art and design.

His collections are constantly growing and are characterized exclusively by unique and therefore unrepeatable pieces.

His work is driven by a strong tendency for graphic instability, contextualized in everyday design objects.