Stone Necklace

The Stone collection is reminiscent of fragments of stones and the search for shapes to be observed from multiple points of view. Hand-carved, the Stone necklace has a bronze element mounted on a rhodium-plated silver chain. Does not contain nickel. Length 50cm

Material: Bronze and 925 silver chain

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Chiara Cavallo makes handmade jewellery in the heart of Italy in Rome.
Her work is rooted in the memories of her childhood, the summer holidays in Basilicata, the green, the clay, the badlands, the smell of sweet tomatoes, elements that inspire her search for personal forms, in order to recall those feelings of naturalness and belonging.

After training in the Contemporary Jewellery studio and a work experience in Berlin, Chiara opened her own studio, a container of different disciplines where craftswomen and artists found the opportunity to exchange ideas by comparing their work.

It was here that she set up a programme of courses in goldsmithing techniques that she continues to run in Rome, nurturing her own training so that she never loses the stimulus needed to create her jewellery.