The funny hammock – centrepiece

Centrepiece made of stoneware columbines, fired at 1230°, left natural.
Designed to cradle and hold objects or left “naked” to decorate.
One of the interesting aspects is its interaction with light: it creates an extremely romantic play of shadows.

Dimensions: length 30cm, width 14cm, h 7cm

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“After giving up on the idea of becoming a lawyer, I decided that the only cause I wanted to defend was that of creativity”.
This is how the founder of “Le Terre di Veronica” describes herself, who in 1992 set up a small ceramics workshop in the heart of Rimini, her home town.

Working with clay, Veronica finds inspiration in everything around her, trying to imprint a part of herself in the textures, colours and simple shapes of her ceramics inspired by nature.

She creates unique pieces freely, without prejudice and with curiosity, as happens in the world of children, and her work is in fact a creative and personal explosion.