Radice sculpture

Red clay sculpture painted with engobes and honey glazing in the second fire.
Constructed using the columbine technique, this piece recalls the still life beauty of an ordinary tree in a damp, old wood, the wrong side of a magnificent mountain.

Suitable to stand alone on a piece of furniture at home or to withstand the pouring of a large candle. Can be cleaned in hot water if necessary

Measurements: H 27 cm, Ø 18 cm

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The Joanbelot studio is a multidisciplinary research, design and artistic production laboratory: decorative ceramics and pyrophiles, wall decorations, stained glass and visual arts.

The passion for artistic production of Giovanni, founder of the project, has its roots in his childhood, thanks to the influence of his mother, a ceramist, and father, a glassmaker.
Having completed a technical education, Giovanni developed a long and personal journey into the world of art, nature, and social activism through intercontinental travel, humanitarian cooperation, and years of artistic training with various contemporary artists in painting, ceramics and drawing, which has now led him to attend an international school of interior design and decoration.

Giovanni is involved in social farming and building crafts at a social cooperation project in Brescia and, in his home workshop located in the lively San Faustino district, he produces handcrafted hydrophilic dishes and decorative objects.
His stylistic research is based on unique shapes, contrasts and proportions, inspired by a continuous interest in the ancient and modern artistic crafts born in the various social contexts of a world full of different histories and societies, bearers of original styles and vibrations.