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It’s not just about objects,
it is about passion:

Supporting the young creative scene in Italy means understanding the dynamics of their work and the territory in which it is born, recognising its specialities and above all acknowledging the values on which it is founded.

Supporting the craft scene in Italy means choosing to embrace these values, making them a principle of our future consumer choices.



We promote manufacturing based on new values and new makers, where competitiveness is based on quality and not on quantity, respecting the environment and working conditions.

Culture, beauty, manufacture, work

We want to create a new way of doing business under the ‘Made in Italy’ label as we are convinced that Italy is in a privileged position to creatively intercept this phenomenon based on culture, beauty, manufacture and work.


At Factory Market we tell stories of the objects and those who have conceived them, supporting the makers giving them a collective platform for sharing, and thus creating a fertile ground for new collaborations and exchanges. We believe in creating a community based on shared experiences and mutual support.

Sustainable consumption

By supporting Made in Italy craftsmanship and design, we want to make the public aware of sustainable consumption, thus attributing value to the objects and people who created them.


We support the artisan community and the Handmade in an independent and authentic way: no brand, company or initiative has, in any way, sponsored our project.