Faye Toogood: Assemblage 6, unlearning

This book captures the raw moment of inception behind a designer’s collection. Assemblage 6 started off with almost 300 maquettes: chairs, lamps, stools, or daybeds made of wire, cardboard, tape, and canvas, or the everyday materials to be found in Faye Toogood’s studio.

But having lined up these rather crude, almost childlike maquettes, the collection, in essence, was decided. Seventeen were chosen to be scaled up to life-size works, and here we have an immersive journey through all the original maquettes and their occasional passage into the real world of furniture/sculpture, a book that plays with the sense of dissimulation evident in the final artworks, or the fact that some objects are not always what they seem at first glance.

The Man Booker–nominated author Sophie Mackintosh opens with this idea in her short story, while the book closes on an essay by the independent writer and curator Glenn Adamson, who ultimately provides context for the collection and process as a whole.

Spedizioni: Le spese di spedizione verranno calcolate nella fase di acquisto. Noi siamo i portavoce di una community di artigiani, per questo ogni oggetto viene spedito direttamente dalla persona che lo ha prodotto.
Le tempistiche di consegna rispetteranno il ritmo di chi ha lavorato a questo progetto con cura. Per le cose belle bisogna saper attendere.

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