Flash Art #352 Primavera 2021

The spring issue of Flash Art, “The Age of Love”, takes its title from an introspective reflection by Chus Martínez that addresses the present’s struggle against the will to define, and restores the collective need for solidarity, freedom and love. Out of a complex global situation a new, unmediated design energy has arisen, a new way of producing culture, by artists, collectives, emerging galleries, new digital spaces, research brands. This issue tries to encapsulate part of this condition.

Recensioni: Alejandro Cardenas “ALEXANDRIA” Almine Rech, New York / Hamishi Farah “Antagoni”, Château Shatto, Los Angeles / Emma McIntyre “Pour Plenty On the Worlds”, Chris Sharp Gallery, LosAngeles / Xinyi Cheng “The Horse with Eye Blinders” Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlino / Lydia Ourahmane “Barzakh” Kunsthalle Basel / Richard Artschwager Gagosian, Roma / Pedro Cabrita Reis e Cerith Wyn-Evans “The Mudam Collection and The Pinault Collection in Dialogue” Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean / Senzeni Mthwakazi Marasela “Waiting for Gebane” Zeitz MOCAA, Città del Capo

Cover: Helen Marten, Water Fidelity (Them), 2018. Detail. 310 × 1.250 × 500 cm. Installation view of “Fixed Sky Situation” KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin, 2019. Photography by Annik Wetter. Courtesy of the artist and KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin / London. © Helen Marten.

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