Isola dei Pescatori

One of the pieces in a series exploring the most bizarre and absurd shapes of pieces of wood found in nature. A log found on the fishermen’s island on Lake Maggiore.

Its irregular shape allows the rug to be placed in any area of the room without being limited to clearly defined corners.

Materials: 100% pure new wool yarn
Maximum dimensions: 130x80cm

Shipping costs: Shipping costs will be calculated at the time of purchase. We are the spokesperson for a community of artisans, so each item is shipped directly from the person who produced it.
Delivery times will respect the rhythm of those who have worked on this project with care. For beautiful things you have to know how to wait.

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CiaoKeti is the textile project of Keti Shahini.
Born out of a family passion, it has developed over time into a self-taught research pathway on the different weaving techniques.
The project is entirely inspired by and based on a 360° study and exploration of the elements
present in nature, from the symbiosis process between plants and mushrooms to the behavior of insects and animals in their natural habitats.
animals in their natural habitats. Just like nature, CiaoKeti is a project in continuous evolution and change: never still but always fluid, irregular and alive!

All the pieces are unique and handcrafted with love and patience, produced with carefully selected to convey a greater emphasis of sensations and emotions.
Indeed, imperfections are precious elements to be considered an integral part of a unique product.