Square ring

Square silver tube ring, 4.5 mm per side.

The silver is not shaped by cutting or soldering, but by folding. This gives the ring a more organic and less angular shape, which fits comfortably on the fingers. 
As a hollow, the tube is light while being very textured.
Adjustable and adaptable to all sizes. The finish is glossy.

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Martina Turini is a handcrafted jewelry project that combines formal simplicity, ascribable to the taste of Nordic countries, with the exuberance, materiality and searches for the unusual that echo the Italian and Mediterranean craftsmanship traditions.

Martina Turini, a creative from Turin who founded the project, opened her horizons and her heart with an experience first in Paris and then in Amsterdam, where she graduated in contemporary jewelry at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2017.

Her creative approach is very free and eclectic: inspirations come from the forms of nature but also and above all from the skeletons of past architecture, art, and the modern and contemporary design of the objects that surround her.
Her work is a constant research on metals, of which she loves the alchemic nature and the challenge that hides their fluid malleability under a hard and cold bark.