Orange three-armed candelabrum

Candelabra made entirely by hand, using red clay and then glazed in orange. Both firings were done at a temperature of 980°. The enamel chosen is quite compact and has mineral components that create a dotted effect.

Size: width 16 cm x height 14 cm

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For beautiful things you have to know how to wait.

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Quarantine acted as a catalyst for the birth of OhHi!Lab, a young brand that makes small ceramic objects with care, organic shapes and lively glazes.

The production of Sofia Tieppo, the young creative founder of the project, takes place in the regenerating and relaxed setting of the Veneto countryside, where Sofia has learned to appreciate the slowness, the waiting and the beauty of the uniqueness enclosed in each handmade object.

At the base of this project there is also the idea of evolving and always creating something new, not focusing on a single type of object: today she offers a selection of candle holders, but tomorrow we do not know, this is the value of creativity according to Oh Hi!Lab.