Venus bronze ring

Ring inspired by ancient, Palaeolithic populations, cultures that turned to female divinities.
This ring is inspired by the Venus of Willendorf, in her shield there is a stylised, abstract and material representation of Venus, you can see her prosperous breasts, thighs, belly and head.

Size: 9/10
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Find out who made this item

Saveria Gatti is the founder of Veva Handmade, a brand of experimental handmade jewellery in unique pieces and limited series.
After her training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, Saveria fell in love with goldsmithing by attending a course in Rimini, in the goldsmith workshop of master Luigi Signorini and his son Marco. In 2019 she created her own brand of handmade jewellery, setting up a small experimental workshop in San Marino.

This project, beyond aesthetics and technique, encapsulates the creative world of Saveria, who, thanks to her technical skills, experiments with new stylistic imprints, basing her work on instinct, thanks also to the type of goldsmith technique she uses to make her jewellery, which is lost wax. This sculpting technique leaves a lot of room for manoeuvre for experimentation and allows her to be carried away by the element itself, the wax, which is handled, melted and twisted, investigating its reaction to stimuli and thus creating unique and often unrepeatable works.