A book by Francesco Paleari

A stranger, in a strange place, in a foreign country.
Take a few minutes to sit on a bench and observe what is happening around you. Your mind flies and an imaginary narrative begins, starting from the smallest recorded details.

Photographs and design by Francesco Paleari
30x42cm, 64-page booklet
Printed in 50 copies
Milan, 2019

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Altana is an independent project founded in 2018 in Venice by the three creatives Francesco Paleari, Elia Pinna and Francesco Villa.

It was born as a space for dialogue and exchange around photography, fuelled by a sincere vocation for authorial research and the care of the editorial project, and precisely because of this dynamic nature it refuses a univocal nomenclature, preferring the dynamism of a hybrid laboratory in the making.

Altana is not a publishing house, it is not a place, it is not a concept, but rather it defines itself as a flying carpet of wooden boards from which to enjoy a second view through photography.