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Born in Bergamo in 2011 as an itinerant market, in 2015 the event took part in an urban redevelopment project, opening a space that had been disused for years to the public, espousing the values of sustainability and the promotion of craftsmanship, supporting the nascent handicraft community in Italy and demonstrating that an historic, forgotten place can become a gathering point for a community.

Factory Market is now one of the most important events in Italy dedicated to handmade and independent projects, a craft fair where more than 100 artisans, makers, designers and artists from all over Italy meet to share their work in a sensitive, stimulating and creative context.

2 days

10,000 visitors

100 artisans from all over Italy

Illustration area

Sustainability Area

Bookstore and Food Area

Area Market

Over 100 exhibitors from all over Italy in the following categories: handmade clothing, accessories, ceramics, bijoux, natural body care products, interior design; all sharing the same values of keeping handmade craftsmanship and quality alive.

Illustration and indipendent publishing area

The idea of dedicating an entire area of our event to these themes  has the purpose  of bearing witness to how the Italian creative scene has developed and grown in recent years.

Through a selection of illustrators, printers, screen printers, paper producers and independent publishing projects we create a unique space for exchange, 

where  it’s possible to meet, share and support these creatives.

Green area

One of the most valuable things for us is to give makers and artisans the opportunity to tell their own stories about their work. Such narratives represent a large part of the value of objects because, if there is a story to tell, it means that there has been care and love in the creative process and its realisation. This area is dedicated to projects based on community care, created with the aim of spreading and promoting a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle.


At Factory Market we cultivate beauty, creativity, craftsmanship and Made in Italy manufacturing.

During the event, the visitors have the opportunity to learn about new techniques led by some of the makers in the creation of a unique object.

At Factory Market the workshops are essential experiences, detailing the creative process, the research, the phases and the time required for the production of each handmade object.

Conferences and talks

SUSTAINABILITY and CREATIVITY are the issues that we care about and which we talk about through talks, meetings and conferences.

Each edition we invite different guests and associations who, through their experience ,offer us insights and reflections on these issues, making their experience available with the aim of raising awareness and to encourage future makers.

We believe that the world is changing in small steps, which is why we consider this experience within Factory Market to be very valuable.

Kids Area

A space designed for families, set up with natural materials and divided into “islands” for all age groups. There is a play area, breastfeeding and relax area and a corner dedicated to books in collaboration with the city library.

Bruno Munari used to say “a creative child is a happy child”, which is why we host many sensory activities and workshops for children aged 2 to 10, screenings, concerts and experiences.


Music is creativity and an important element within our event. All the playlists and DJ sets are designed to create a relaxed and positive atmosphere.


An area dedicated to publishing, with a fantastic selection focussed on creativity and sustainability for adults and children by SpazioBk, to bring the public closer to reading and studying.

Essays, manuals, pop-up books, catalogs and independent publishing projects are the precious protagonists of our bookstore.

Food Area

The same care taken in the selection of our artisans extends to the selection of the small business that collaborate with us in the area dedicated to food and drinks, where quality and creativity are the foundation. For our event we select the best local food projects , which work in line with the spirit of Factory Market: freshly prepared dishes, local food offerings, a roastery, fresh pastries, craft beers, local wines, and vegetarian and vegan options.